If you follow the news, you’ll surely know that a war has been waged on single-use plastic around the world in a bid to reduce the amounts that end up in landfill and in our marine environments.

Consumers and businesses alike are now starting to wake up to the impact that human activity is having on the planet, switching out single-use plastics for reusable items, whatever they may be.

The NHS, for example, has just announced that it will be cutting the use of plastic across its hospital canteens to help reduce waste and make hospitals healthier places for both patients and staff members. It forms part of a package of measures set out in the NHS Long Term Plan to reduce the environmental impact that the health service has.

Retailers working in hospital sites around the country have now committed to cut the use of avoidable plastics from April, starting with straws and stirrers and then moving onto cutlery, plates and cups over the coming 12 months.

It seems that the move is a necessary one, given that in 2017 the NHS purchase at least 163 million plastic cups, 15 million straws, 16 million pieces of plastic cutlery and two million plastic stirrers.

NHS chief executive Simon Stevens said: “It’s right that the NHS and our suppliers should join the national campaign to turn the tide on plastic waste. Doing so will be good for our environment, for patients and for taxpayers who fund our NHS.

“We’re pleased that as a first step, major retailers operating in hospitals have committed to cut their plastics, starting with straws and stirrers, cutlery, plates and cups.”

The NHS has succeeded in cutting its carbon footprint by 19 per cent since 2007, which is impressive when you consider that there has been a 27 per cent increase in activity… and this latest move is sure to see the sector make even more inroads in this regard.

It might also inspire you to think about the equipment you plan to use at your next event, discussing your cutlery options with your Camberley catering company to see what can be done to reduce the amount of waste created while still ensuring that everyone has a wonderful time.

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