We can be forgiven for having tucked into a few too many mince pies over the last few weeks, but now that the festive period has come to an end, it’s time to stop indulging in snacks that are high in fat and sugar and start making healthy food choices.

Here are some tips on how to start 2020 on the right note when it comes to your nutrition and wellbeing.

– Keep indulging

Instead of thinking of all the foods you can’t eat, get excited about the foods you can indulge in – from sweet-tasting fruits to nutrition-packed vegetables. We all know the diets that are hardest to stick to are the ones that make us feel as though we are denying ourselves, and while you aren’t likely to drop the pounds by eating leftover chocolates in January, by allowing yourself a couple of treats a week, you are more likely to stick to your new healthy regime.

Dietician and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association Carolyn Pallister told Heart: “A mistake people make is looking for quick fixes – faddy diets … They often sound too good to be true, and they probably are!”

However, there are plenty of foods that can be enjoyed without restriction, including lean proteins, such as chicken, turkey or eggs; water; fruits; pulses and vegetables.

– Ditch the fats

One of our biggest sins is drowning healthy foods in sauces or oils that are loaded with fats. Instead of using butter to cook with, choose olive or coconut oil, and use natural yoghurt or fromage frais in place of creamy sauces.

Us Brits typically put on 2lbs over the Christmas period that we struggle to lose, according to a study from Texas Tech University in the US and reported in the Mail Online. Part of the reason behind this weight gain is dowsing many of the already fatty foods we enjoy over the festive season with creams.

Therefore, it is essential to reduce the amount of saturated fat you consume, cook with oil sprays, and trim off excess fat from meats.

– Do Dry January

According to a survey by Boomerang, Brits typically drank 26 units of alcohol per day between December 25th and January 1st 2017. This is an average of ten more units on a daily basis than consumed on a night out, The Drinks Business reported.

Therefore, ditching booze during January is a good idea to give your body a rest and detox from all the alcohol you have consumed over the last few weeks.

However, it is also a great way to lose weight and feel healthy again, with alcohol being laden with calories. For instance, a small glass of wine has 126 calories, a pint of beer contains 215 calories, and an alcopop can increase daily intake by 237 calories per 330ml bottle, according to the NHS.

By swapping them for non-alcoholic beverages, you can save hundreds of calories while trying to reach the recommended amount of water of eight glasses a day.

Sticking to a healthy eating plan at work or social functions can be especially difficult, but we have a wide range of nutritious catering buffet menus to choose from, so you can maintain your 2020 health kick with ease. So, get in touch with Berkshire catering company, Enjoy Catering, today!