When chatting to your Berkshire catering company, you might like to ask them whether or not they source their food and drink from local companies as there are all sorts of benefits to doing this – and local produce looks set to boom in popularity in the near future, it would seem.

New research from Ipsos Mori has just revealed that, at the moment, 51 per cent of people say they prefer eating local food even if they have fewer items to choose from, below the global average of 63 per cent, Marketing Week reports.

But with Brexit on the horizon, it’s possible that the produce available could decline because the price of imports will have risen thanks to the weaker pound – so locally sourced produce could soar in popularity as a result.

Alex Baverstock, senior research director with Ipsos Mori, explained to the news source that it’s possible that Brits are shy of purchasing locally grown food because this country doesn’t have a strong cultural food identity, unlike nations like Italy, India or France – all of which “show a much higher preference for locally produced foods”.

It’s likely that you’ll start seeing all sorts of big-name brands emphasising their British heritage in a bid to drive those all-important sales. Lee Willett, marketing director with Dairy Crest (which makes the likes of Davidstow and Cathedral City, Country Life and Utterly Butterly), said he thinks that attitudes will potentially change regarding local produce after we’ve left the EU.

Morrisons, meanwhile, is taking steps to show how committed it is a brand to British produce, launching a TV ad last year showing who Morrisons actually is and emphasising its close relationship with suppliers, while showing how the majority of the food it makes comes from locally sourced products.

From a consumer perspective, there are all sorts of benefits associated with eating homegrown and local food and drink. Next time you’re eating something, really take the time to consider the taste and flavour… you’ll likely find that locally grown food is more flavourful than other options because crops are picked when they’re properly ripe, instead of being harvested early so they can be shipped and distributed elsewhere.

There are also more nutrients in local produce because the time between the harvest and the food reaching your dinner table is a lot shorter – so the nutrient level is optimised. Imported food is often older and has travelled quite far in who knows what conditions, which will have an impact on quality.

You also can’t discount the fact that you’re helping to support your local economy because the money you’re spending stays as close to home as possible, later to be reinvested in businesses and services right on your doorstep.

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