With Christmas just around the corner, you’re sure to be planning all sorts of events and looking for the best Berkshire catering company to help you keep your guests well fed, plates full of delicious festive fare.

But, as much as you might like them to, events don’t always go to plan, which is why you need to think about the time of year you’re holding your party so you can plan for all season-related eventualities. Here are a few tips from us here at Enjoy Catering to make sure that your Christmas festivities are remembered for all the right reasons.

Save the date

People’s diaries fill up very, very fast at this time of year, so if you know you’re going to want to host a Christmas party try to start planning as early on in the year as you can, so you know that people will be able to attend. First come, first served, of course!

You’ll also need plenty of time to make all the necessary preparations for your event. Again, remember that perhaps unlike other parts of the year, you won’t be the only one planning serious parties at this time of year so it’s likely that places will book up quickly.

In order to get your dream venue and your choice of professional and experienced catering company, make sure you pick your date as soon as you can.

Decide on a theme

People love a themed party over the festive season so it might be fun to come up with something for your own upcoming party. You could even be a bit inventive and make sure that the menu for your food matches the theme of the event, with signature cocktails created to really put the icing on the cake.

Set a budget

It can be very easy to get carried away when it comes to thinking about festive food as there’s so much to choose from over winter and Christmas. So you need to set yourself a catering budget and do your best to stick to it, as costs can quickly spiral where food is concerned.

You’d be wise to ensure that you perhaps stock more than you would otherwise, because people are often very keen to overindulge at this time of year… and you don’t want to run out of food!

Decide who will manage the bar

Make sure that you ask your catering company if they’ll be handing out drinks and managing the bar at your event, as you may need to source your own bar staff. Making assumptions can mean that on the day of the party you don’t have anyone there to pour drinks at all!

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